Third Grade Students

"I love how we get to talk about our feelings."

"It is very helpful when I have headaches. It helps me calm down from them."

"I  am always so relaxed when you teach us."

  • Nadia, Elementary School Principal

    The moment I met Behnaz, I felt comfortable with her calm presence and immediately knew that she was going to be a positive addition to our school culture and help us to meet our social-emotional school-wide goals. We invited Behnaz to share her 10-week mindfulness program with our staff and students, and the benefits were many. Together, we learned how to be kind to ourselves and others, to be calm, and to be present. We learned what it means to be mindful. These are skills that helped students in the classroom, on the playground, but more importantly, will serve them their whole lives. Behnaz will always be a welcome part of our school community.

  • Past Student 

    I believe kids are constantly absorbing from their surroundings. This includes all the people around them, and among them, their teachers. When I was growing up, I too was influenced by lots of people around me.  Some had more profound effects on me that deeply shaped my view of the world and taught me important lessons that I still carry with me to this day.

    One of those special people who taught me how to deeply listen and make decisions, was Behnaz. I met Behnaz when I was 4 years of age and, to this day, I still remember everything from our classes. I was mesmerized and stunned by her character, kindness and teachings.

    Through her meditation lessons, I learned to think deeply and to be calm and patient. More than that, I learned to become a fully trusted person and many people’s confidant.


    I saw her again recently after 30 years and was reminded of all the great memories and the lessons she imparted.  I find her to be the same kind, giving and wonderful teacher-- just as I remember her as a young child. Her role in my life was greater than all of my teachers and everyone I knew. I could never forget her.


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