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Integrating Knowledge and Experience

Bubble of Joy is a ten-lesson K-6 program in which students learn to closely notice and become aware of their emotions, thought-patterns, and physical state through mindful meditation techniques. These basic meditation practices will allow them to experience being calm while improving their focus.    

Students reflect on topics such as emotions, empathy, and mindset through talks, engaging discussions, short videos, and fun activities. They learn to identify emotional triggers, understand what happens in their brain and body with big emotions, and practice tools for managing these emotions. In this program, children practice consciously choosing thoughts that are aligned with a growth mindset.

In this program, lesson plans are adjusted to students’ abilities and interests, and each lesson can be designed as a 20, 25 or 30 minute session, or as a 50-minute workshop. Each lesson is comprised of meditation practice, talk, and group discussion.

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